LNG container solutions

Hemla is also focused on cost efficient and flexible solutions for small scale LNG transport, distribution, storage and usage in a safe and economic manner.


Together with Aerogel CARD from Slovenia, Hemla founded Nordic LNG CRYOtainer Technology for the development and marketing of cryogenic containers for LNG – the CARD CRYOtainer®™ technology.



The CARD CRYOtainer®™ is a novelty as it is a one-shell cryogenic tank, insulated with an aerogel insulation blanket, the most effective thermal insulator on earth. The vacuum free thermal insulation solution requires no vacuum maintenance, it is mechanically stable, more durable, and resistant to temperatures from -200°C to +650°C, thanks to a final layer of pyro-gel which protects against fire.


The special insulation composition and its unique shot-free properties result in a higher degree of safety and significantly improved fire resistance in case of accidents in urban and industrial areas and during transport.


The aerogel insulation is made of fibers and fumed silica and is landfill disposable, recyclable and approved by leading official authorities in USA and in EU. Materials applied are in accordance with international standards (ASTME, EU) and approved by official institutions (ASTME, Bureau Veritas, SINTEF).


Starting 2008, approximately EUR 4 million have been spent to reach the current design and patent applications.


The CARD CRYOtainer®™ is, among other, a registered trade mark, as well as a patent registered product solution:


  • Trade mark - CARD CRYOtainers™ is a registered trade mark in Slovenia;
  • CARD CRYOtainers® is patent registered product solution in Slovenia;
  • PCT International Application;
  • European Patent Application;
  • US Patent Application together with Aspen Aerogels Inc. USA.


For sales and marketing inquiries, please contact Nordic LNG CRYOtainer Technology at info@hemla.no.



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