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Hemla is proud to announce that its container solution for small scale transport, distribution, storage and use of LNG has been selected by Slovene leading alternative fuel solutions provider, Butan plin d.d., for its SiLNG™ Small Scale TRANSPORT project in Slovenia and Croatia.


The project is part of the European Union’s efforts to promote alternative fuel sources such as LNG and create LNG markets in new European areas through implementation of LNG re-fueling infrastructure networks in Europe, as well as promoting LNG market growth in the road freight sector, in order to minimize dependence on oil and mitigate the environmental impact of transport.


SiLNG™ Small Scale TRANSPORT is geared towards creating a cost effective and flexible infrastructure, capable to make LNG an attractive option to any end-user and focuses on the Core Road Network in Slovenia and Croatia on the Mediterranean core network corridor and increased LNG availability and use in these two countries.


This will be achieved through the deployment of four natural gas re-fueling stations in Slovenia and Croatia along with mobile LNG re-fueling stations which incorporate Hemla’s solution – the CARD CRYOtainer®™.


Engineered and manufactured for safety and performance, the mobile LNG re-fueling station or network unit comprises of a CARD CRYOtainer®™ mounted on a LNG fueled truck with LNG dispenser and user friendly systems and equipment for safety (front and rear methane detectors, flame detector at the rear, explosion proof night lighting), controls, monitoring, information and automated fueling procedures (PLC logic controller).


The CARD CRYOtainer®™ is an innovative one-shell cryogenic tank designed for safe and efficient intermodal transportation of LNG and logistics. Though standardized in its general characteristics, the CARD CRYOtainer®™ distinguishes itself from the other products in the market due to the application of aerogel insulation which makes it a simplified but highly safe product.


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