Hemla signs HoA


Hemla has signed a Heads of Agreement (HoA) with MET International AG for long term supply of LNG from Hemla's portfolio of projects. The HoA envisages a period of 15+ years for the off-take with quantities of up to 3 MTPA of LNG to be delivered to MET International AG.

The HoA sets the basis of the cooperation between Hemla and MET International AG and the long term LNG Sale and Purchase Agreement to be agreed by the 2 companies.

MET International AG is part of an international group of companies, MET Group, acting as the trading arm, consolidating and developing MET Group's international natural gas sales and purchase portfolio.

MET Group is a leader in the Central European natural gas and power markets and an active participant in natural gas, power and oil trading across Europe. Founded in 2007 by, among others, Hungary's National Oil and Gas Company MOL, MET Group is represented in eight European countries and has more than 250 permanent staff in Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Serbia and the United Kingdom. Read more on MET Group on www.group.met.com.


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